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Listening in the Moment

Decisions can be difficult – We can often feel overwhelmed as we seek to discern God’s will in amongst the noise of the day. This month’s prayer activity gives us all the chance to explore what it means to listen for God’s voice in the here and now. As you do this take time to reflect upon the following scripture… 

Luke 10:38-42, Mark 6:31 and 1 Kings 19:11-12


Using a white wax crayon write a message, or verse on a blank piece of white paper. You might like to use one of the following Psalms.. 

The Activity

Using watercolours or poster-paints, create a weak wash and brush this over the paper. As you slowly apply your paints the scripture will begin to emerge. Use a good range of colours as a reminder, that even in the busiest of moments, God can speak into our lives – we just need to be willing to pause, to look again, be still and listen.  

Let your artwork dry and then place this in a very visible location as a reminder of your prayer time and what it has meant to you.