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Prayer Planters 

Visual reminders can play a powerful role in helping to plan and support your prayer activities. This month we’d like to encourage you to consider buying a plant for your windowsill or perhaps even growing a plant from seed. Where possible try to get a perennial (something that will live beyond one year).


In order to give the best care to your plant you will need to provide:


Regular Feeding

Just as plants require additional feed to grow strongly and produce a bumper crop or colourful display we too require feeding in order for our prayer lives to flourish. Without this essential nourishment our prayer lives will struggle.  


A Good Location

Plants that require full sun will struggle to grow in dark places, likewise plants that become pot bound will struggle to survive.   In much the same way, the space, time and location you allocate and use for prayer will have a significant impact upon your prayer activities.


Regular Watering

Plants require watering at regular intervals for healthy growth. Sporadic watering will often lead to weakened and unhealthy plants. In exactly the same way prayer needs to become a regular part of your daily routine.


Use the time you allocate to tending for your new plant as a gentle and constant reminder of how you care for and plan your own prayer time.